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Tucson Pride Archives
preserves the most comprehensive
collections documenting the early 1950's
and later continuing history of how the pride
of being Gay & Lesbian was first celebrated,
then transformed continually over many
years by numerous private gatherings,
Gay bars events, annual Gay carnivals,
businesses, community members, entities,
efforts, organizations, and the people within
them into what the annual event
has become today in Tucson, Arizona.
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1993-2103 Tucson Gay Pride Festival Exhibit Copyrighted Protected Tucson LGBTQ+ Museum Photo
1993 Tucson Gay & Lesbian Pride Picnic/2013 Tucson Pride In The Desert
Tucson LGBTQ+ Museum®© Exhibit
Licensed for use to the Tucson Pride Archives®©[4]
The Tucson Pride Archives®© collections document
the many successive influencing events, efforts,
committees, and organizations that were often shaped
as much by the local community as they were by those
who relocated to Tucson, Arizona. Some passed through
while others stayed becoming a part of the community
from the 1950's to 2020's. [5]

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 [6] Read: 'The History of Tucson Pride®©
in Tucson, Arizona’ coming soon in e-book, paperback &
hardcover book, and movie documentary DVD format

[7] 1993-2013 Tucson Pride Duo Exhibit licensed
 by Tucson LGBTQ+ Museum for exclusive use
by Tucson Pride Archives®©

[8] Tucson Pride Festival Gay Lesbian LGBTQ+
1990's History Exhibit licensed by
Tucson LGBT Museum for exclusive use
of Tucson Pride Archives®©


The Tucson Pride Archives
®© comprises the most
comprehensive detailed archival historical
collections of the many different ways,
the many people who were there,
the many events that came together,
the many efforts both non-organized
and organized of Pride events in Tucson
 in its many variations always proudly
celebrated in Tucson, Arizona.[9][10]

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